Monday, August 2, 2010

Little Known Manatee Facts

#1: If given the chance, a manatee will talk your ear off about Scientology.

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#2: Although they appear heavy, the weight of an average Manatee
can be supported by a small child.

Manatee Baby by homosassagetaway.

#3: Manatees are notoriously apolitical, rarely bothering to even vote.

#4: The ancient Druids worshiped the manatee as a deity. It is believed that each of the standing stones in Stonehenge was a representation of a different famous manatee.

#5: Manatees get a lot of chicks. Way more than you'd think.

#6: Young manatees are often mistaken for human infants.

#7: Seriously, a lot of chicks.

#8: Statistically, the US Postal Service employs more manatees than any other aquatic mammal.

Manatees.jpg Manatee and Baby Manatee image by jmwhitmore


#10: Many Bloggers will go to any lengths for an excuse to post pictures of manatees because manatees are awesome.
#9: The Nation of Norway has more Manatees per capita than any other Nordic Country. A government program provides each Norwegian with a lifetime supply of Manatees.


Blueberry said...

I've read that ancient reports of mermaid sightings were actually manatees. That probably happened in Norway a lot.

Professor Chaos said...

Wait, are you saying mermaids aren't real? Damn you, Ron Howard! You lied to me! (Ron Howard did "Splash," right?)