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Monday, October 25, 2010

Erick Erickson Could Not be Fuller of Shit

“All Catholics Are Pedophiles” — The Democrats’ Closing Argument

Posted by Erick Erickson

Okay, obviously no one has ever said this. Obviously this is something that Erickson just made up. Because no one has ever said "all Catholics Are Pedophiles." No one has ever even said "all Catholic priests are pedophiles." Nobody is saying this, much less making it the "closing argument" for an entire political party. So obviously, Erickson is so full of shit that some of it has leaked out into his silly little website.

But surely, he must be able to cite multiple instances of Democrats painting the entire Catholic Curch with the pedophilia brush to be able to make such an inflammatory claim, right? Well, no. No, not really. He does have this, though:

This is not the first time the Democrats have gone this route in this election season. This may, however, be the most desperate attempt.
And where Democrats are doing this in multiple places around the country, we can be sure they have hit on this as a theme within their world view. The theme, of course, being that all Catholics are pedophiles.
Okay, multiple places. Democrats have gone all anti-Catholic in "multiple places around the country," even though Catholics are generally seen a s a fairly reliable voting group for the Democrats( 55% to 44% for Obama), they went all Martin Luther on them in "multiple places," eh? Name one.
This time, in Missouri, Democrat Russ Carnahan has coordinated a smear against his rival Ed Martin. The attack alleges that Ed Martin was complicit in shuffling pedophile priests around St. Louis Catholic Churches while he served at the St. Louis Archdiocese.
That's it? You have exactly one example, and that example is of a single solitary Catholic man being accused of abetting pedophile priests, and you say that amounts to Democrats slandering ALL Catholics as pedophiles? So if I say that I think OJ Simpson was probably guilty of murder, am I calling all former NFL stars murderers? Or all naked Gun cast members?
I will say this, though. All people named Erick Erickson who blog on "Redstate" are full of shit.

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