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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

James O'Keefe Continues to be Beneath Contempt

What kind of pathology does it take to be James O'Keefe? What could possibly have gone wrong in this little ratfuck's life to make him decide "I'm going to dedicate my life to defaming and harming people who are trying to do a little good in the world?"

James O’Keefe’s latest victim: A special ed teacher

As happens with many a bar story, the story itself was apparently false. But in telling it, Ploshnick used the N-word herself.
Ploshnick had no idea that she was being audiotaped. A couple of months later, O’Keefe ambushed her outside her apartment with a video camera, demanding to know whether she’d ever used the N-word. The secretly made audiotape became a central part of an O’Keefe video called “Teachers Unions Gone Wild,” filmed in the same bar during a statewide teachers convention.
(In the O’Keefe video below, the Ploshnick segment begins at 0.25 minutes. The video opens with a secretly taped phone conversation between an assistant school superintendent and an actor who falsely complains that his child had been called the N-word.)
Alissa Ploshnick risked her life to save the lives of a dozen Passaic schoolchildren. She threw herself in front of a careening van to protect her students and landed in the hospital with broken ribs, a fractured wrist, a badly bruised pelvis and glass cuts in her eyes. She could have died.
The president of the United States, Bill Clinton then, sent her a letter. It read:
"I recently heard about your act of heroism and wanted to commend you for your selflessness. True heroes are rare in today’s world. And, all too often, those who are really making a difference in our communities go unnoticed and unrewarded. I am delighted to be able to give you the recognition you deserve. You are an example for all of us, and I applaud you for your sense of duty.’’
Alissa Ploshnick, a special education teacher from Passaic, had her conversation about teacher tenure videotaped without her knowledge. It was posted on the internet.

So that's who O'Keefe is targeting this time. A woman who not only spends her days teaching special-needs children, but once risked her own life to protect some of them. And this little bag of shit James O'Keefe, a man with all the dignity and bearing of a volunteer janitor at a Japanese porn studio, this pathetic little man is going after her. And of course, it works:

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Ahab said...

That sounds like a fitting torment in the afterlife. Of course, it's nothing compared to the anguish he's caused for the victims of his little pranks.