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Monday, November 15, 2010

How the Hell is This a Show?

Goddamned Liberal Media giving Sarah Palin another forum from which to spread the stupid gospel of Sarah.

Also, how is "Track" out of the Army already?


libhom said...

I didn't bother to watch the clip. Is it good for treating insomnia?

sunshine said...

I noticed that the Series premier is replaying AGAIN tonight on TLC.
I'll have to act fast after "Cake Boss" to make sure I change the channel before I catch any of it...


One Fly said...

This is pure propaganda. Making this person an even bigger personality. She will be the next prez and there isn't a goddamn thing anyone can do about. What a bunch of pure bull shit.

Isha said...

My teeth ache when SP speaks and my urge to kill rises with every homey inflected 'you betcha' ... but after thinking about what else is seen as the best of reality TV "shows" ... I've found myself struck by a horrific thought.

This woman fishing and mushing through the Potemkin set pieces of a "wild" Alaska could very well be the most enlightening thing the masses will be getting. So, I'll be off to lobotomize myself now. I think the future will seem rosier that way.

Professor Chaos said...

Cure for insomnia? No, it's way too aggravating. Seems like the whole show is built around the theme of "look how awesome Sarah is!"
I don't think we have to worry about President Palin, I don't think she would put in the hard work necessary to win an election, plus her numbers are in the toilet. I'm mote afraid of Mike Hucksbee right now. The theocrats love him, the teabsggers love him, and he's very charismatic. If he loses weight again, look out!

Kim Hambric said...

You know, after watching this clip (and pushing down on that trobbing vein in my forehead), I'm starting to realize that the next president will be a media personality. The masses are addicted to reality TV. They know more Survivor cast members (from all seasons) than they do present-day Senators. Palin herself won't have to do much serious campaigning. That would be up to her "people." All she'll have to do would be smile and wave and show a few TV clips.

Rational, thinking people are becoming extinct in this country. Bloated, potato-chip eating recliner jockeys, will drive themselves to the polls to cast their votes for anyone related to a Dancing with the Stars contestant. After a resounding win by one of these right-wing, big-hair, evangelical morons, the rest of the rational thinking people will be sent to the countryside for "re-education."