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Monday, January 17, 2011


This creepy-as-fuck old couple literally worship Sarah Palin.

Where I come from, that would be considered a complete blasphemy. If those creeps had sung this in the church I grew up in, they would have been tossed out on their ears faster than you can say "excommunication."

They got one thing right, though. It'll be a cold day in Hell when Sarah Palin gets to Washington.

P.S. The all-time stupidest line ever written: "Sarah has the wisdom to walk through an open door." 
How is that wisdom? What if the open door is the door to a crackhouse? What if it leads to the lion enclosure? What if it's the door to a dirty movie theater? Hmm? How much wisdom is required to walk through a door?


Lockwood said...

"Sarah has the wisdom to walk through an open door." Whereas Glenn Beck has the stupidity to try to walk through closed doors?

Professor Chaos said...

I remember when Dubya tried to walk through a closed door.

Lockwood said...

See? There you go. I would have guessed the shrub to be a little more savvy than Caribou Barbie, but with respect to portal transits I guess not...

Ahab said...

PLEASE tell me this is a Poe!