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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Horrible Teabaggers Act Horribly

It's comforting for some folks to think that this kind of openly racist jingoistic hate-mongering is something that happens in the deep south. This video was taken in Yorba Linda, California, home of the Nixon Library, curiously enough.

It's mostly audio for the first minute, but there is video after that.
Via Think Progress

Perhaps even more disturbingly, a number of GOP elected officials spoke at the rally. Rep. Gary Miller (R-CA) said to the raucous and hateful crowd, “I’m proud of you, I’m proud of what you’re doing.” Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA) said that the multiculturalism “has paralyzed too many of our citizens to make the critical judgement we need to make to prosper as a society.” Most horrifying of all, Republican Villa Park Councilwoman Deborah Pauly, who spoke alongside the congressmen, said that the fundraiser represented “pure, unadulterated evil.” She continued, “I don’t even care if you think I’m crazy anymore. I have a beautiful daughter, I have a beautiful 19 year old son who is a United States marines. As a matter of fact, I know quite a few marines who will be willing to help these terrorists to an early meeting in paradise,” referring to the attendees of the fundraiser:


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