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Thursday, March 3, 2011

What in the Hell is This?

You know, if you want people to protect fetuses, you might not want to intercut pictures of a fetus looking like a prop from the 1980,s miniseries "V" with clips of actual babies. Because if you're like me, your reaction goes something like: "Oh, isn't he just adorable, aww, look at that little cherub, what a little doll, OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING? KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!! ooh, that one's cute!"

Also, having it sing in a grown woman's voice just makes it even creepier.

Also, this really feels like a way for someone to sell cheap mylar balloons left over from Valentine's Day. It's almost as if. . . .
Complete the form below and for the appropriate suggested donation, you will send our Representatives a red heart-shaped balloon, with the following message personalized from you:

Please choose one of the following: 
Send balloons to 23 members of the House Committee for $59.99
Send Balloons--one for the Governor & 99 Ohio State Reps! for $199.00
Send a donation (enter below) to help us pass the Heartbeat Bill 

And there it is. Because if you want to make a quick buck off of wingnuts, cheap, empty symbolism is probably the way to go. And by cheap, I of course don't mean low-cost. One hundred and ninety-nine freakin' dollars? For balloons? If you spend that much on heart-shaped balloons, you better be getting some action from the governor and at least half of the state reps. 

I noticed that they used a picture of an actual baby for their campaign, not a creepy fetus.

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