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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Random thoughts about Sarah Palin on the Today Show

1. Goddammit, I swore I would never write about Palin again. And yet, here I go.

2. Come on, NBC, have some fucking dignity. This horrible woman takes every opportunity to discredit the profession of journalism, constantly accusing you of bias, bad faith, and bearing false witness, not to mention just "makin' stuff up," and you reward her by feeding her insatiable lust for fame and attention? She's made no secret of her contempt for you, why lend her any of what remains of your credibility?

3. That stupid "Tweet." Going to go rogue and infiltrate some turf. You were invited on the show, you ridiculous imbecile! You're not infiltrating anything. You're selling out, and you're using the same weak rationale that every sellout has used, pretending that you're going to take them down from the inside, or whatever. Nobody's buying it. 
Except maybe these paint-huffers.

4. The whole "oh my God, newspapers!" and "hey, I'm writing on my hand" schtick? I don't know whether to pity you or congratulate you on being self-aware enough to realize that you are a walking punchline of a self-parody.

5. You seriously have the balls to say this about Katie Couric? "And, frankly, I'm ecstatic we beat the 'perky one,' 
The Perky One? Your whole shameful career is based on being the perky one. Your only political "skill" is your ability to say despicable, hateful things with a cutesy-poo smile and wink. You invented perky-as-substitute-for-anything-of-substance. The only reason Bill Kristol was smitten enough with you to twist McCain's arm to ad you to the ticket is your smarmy perkiness.
Yes, yes, and those.


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