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Thursday, September 27, 2012

9 Awesome Ladies that Deserve Your Support

And you get cake!

(via Positive Press)
They call themselves “The 9 Nanas,” and have been secretly whipping up, and delivering hundreds of pound cakes during the middle of the night in a grand scheme to help those in need. And then before anyone can catch a glimpse of them, they quietly and quickly disappear back into their daily lives in West Tennessee.

Mary Ellen, one of the nine women, who are all aged between 54 and 72, told The Huffington Post: ‘We give new meaning to the term drive-by. “We drive through low-income neighborhoods and look for homes with fans in the window. That told us that the people who live there don’t have air-conditioning. Or we see that there are no lights on at night, which means there is a good chance their utilities have been turned off. Then we return before the sun came up, like cat burglars, and drop off a little care package.”

The women started eavesdropping at the local beauty shop or when they were picking up groceries, and when they heard about a widow or a single mother who needed some help, they would anonymously pay a utility bill or buy new clothes for the children. The Nanas would find out where the person lived and send a package with a note that simply read, ‘Somebody loves you,’ which would always include one of MaMaw Ruth’s special pound cakes.

For three decades, the ladies’ good deeds went undetected.


Now selling over 100 of MaMaw Ruth’s pound cakes daily online at Happiness Happens, The 9 Nanas can take on bigger projects.
Recently they donated more than $5,000 worth of pillows, linens and personal care products to the YWCA shelter for survivors of domestic violence. This August, they will celebrate their second ‘Happiness Happens Month’ by sending a cake to one person in every state who has made a difference in their own community. Sometimes, they also pull out the phone book to send pound cakes to complete strangers. 

Okay, now here comes the part where you get to contribute AND you get cake. Simply go to and order a cake, or several cakes, for yourself or for anyone you know who could use a little cheering up. The money will go to a damn good cause and you will get cake! And your friends will get cake. CAKE!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Now THIS is what grass-roots activism is all about!

jadedj said...

This brings tears to my eyes. This is what this county OUGHT to be about. Thanks for posting this. I am passing it on...and ordering a cake or two.