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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Okay, Who's Paying for This?

Because there's no way Pam Geller has enough money for this, right? Please, God?

These horrible, blatantly racist ads have been put up in NYC subway stations by Pam Geller and some bullshit organization she runs. They had to sue the NY transit authority to make them put up these ads. But that's got to be some pretty expensive ad-space. I hate to think that this nut is making enough money from her retarded website and frequent appearances on FOX to be able to afford this ad buy.

**Sigh**  God Damn it, CNN!

This woman's entire Raison d'etre is that she hates Muslims and Arabs and Arab Muslims. 


How much money can you really make from a website that just every day posts "Damn Muslims, they're horrible!" every day? And how much can she be getting paid to show up on FOX every now and again?

Oh, God Damn It! Was it at least Morning Joe?

Is that why I'm not making any money on this blog? Because I don't call Muslims "animals" and "savages?"  I'm certainly willing to cal Pam Geller an animal. Not a nice animal like a baby deer or a puppy or something, maybe a loathsome serpent, or a crocodile or something? A Naked mole rat? 


Yeah, that seems about right. Pamela Geller is the Naked Mole Rat  of political commentators. 

Oh, God, now I'm going to get traffic from the kind of people who do Google searches for "Pam Geller + Naked."

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Not to mention all those crazies who search "naked mole rat." Hey, don't complain. More traffic means more ad revenue!