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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I don't have a title for this

Netflix just added season 2 of "The Killing," so I may be incommunicado for a while.

Meanwhile, speaking of AMC shows. . .

A town in Georgia has decided to become a real-life Woodbury

Meet your new Mayor!
Late Monday, Nelson, Georgia passed a law called the “Family Protection Ordinance” that requires every adult in the 1,300-person town to own a gun “for purposes of emergency management and general safety of the city.”
How exactly is arming everyone in town going to contribute to "general safety?"
The town’s Police Chief, Heath Mitchell, told the AP that he hopes “having a gun would help residents take their protection into their own hands,” since the town has an understaffed police department and slow response time to 911 calls.

The chief of police wants people to take things into their own hands? What kind of a law enforcement official wants citizens to take the law into their own hands?

One councilman even used the National Rifle Association’s call for arming all Americans to defend the law, saying “I really felt like this ordinance was a security sign for our city. Basically it was a deterrent ordinance to tell potential criminals they might want to go on down the road a little bit.”

Also anyone who does not enjoy being shot all the time. They might also want to go down the road a bit.
You know, seems like this ordinance might be a bit difficult to enforce.
Councilman Duane Cronic, who sponsored the measure, said he knows the ordinance won’t be enforced but he still believes it will make the town safer

It won't be enforced, but somehow this non-enforced law will still. . . what?
The city council’s agenda says another purpose of the measure is “opposition of any future attempt by the federal government to confiscate personal firearms.”



Ohhhhh, now I get it. It's an imaginary law to protect against an imaginary threat! Now it makes perfect sense!
Now you see why we rarely venture outside the city limits of Atlanta.
They call 285 "the Perimeter." We call it "the Moat."