Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sad, Pathetic Man Not "Very Vocal"

This headline is actually not from the Onion:

Gay RNC member says he voted against GOP marriage resolution: ‘It just wasn’t very vocal’

Why would there be such a thing as a gay RNC member?
I get the concept of a gay conservative. There's no reason why a gay guy might not be in favor of lower taxes, weaker federal government, endless wars, etc. But a gay Republican? That doesn't make sense. One of the main planks of the Republican party is their fear and loathing of gay folks. Why would a gay guy join a party that makes no bones about its contempt for him?
LOS ANGELES—When the National Republican Party took a voice vote to approve a resolution reasserting the party's opposition to same sex marriage, Robert Kabel, a gay committeeman from the District of Columbia who supports allowing same sex nuptials, didn't speak up. At least not loud enough for anyone to hear him

 Yeah, I'll bet! You would probably been forcibly removed from the premises!

Immediately after the vote at RNC's quarterly meeting here Friday, Chairman Reince Priebus declared that all 157 members present had supported the measure.

But despite the tally, which officially recorded the vote as unanimous, Kabel insists he dissented.

"I voted against the resolution. I did, it just wasn't very vocal," Kabel said after the meeting. "It's hard to hear in here."
All in favor of continuing to deny gay people equal rights?
All Opposed?
It's unanimous!
I was saying "nay."

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