Wednesday, July 9, 2014

So, from what other laws can someone get religious exemption?

Because, post-Hobby Lobby, it seems that  anyone can claim some deeply-held religious belief and exempt themselves from the law.

Well, not anyone, Alito specifically said that the ruling wouldn't apply to Jehova's Witnesses and their anti-transfusion stance, but really, why not? If a mainstream Catholic or Protestant can get a religious exemption, wouldn't the equal protection clause require that Jehova's Witnesses or Christian Scientists, or Scientologists be allowed to deny their employees coverage for transfusions, or psychiatric care, or any medical care at all, as the case may be?
And religious-based colleges are already claiming that they should be exempt from anti-discrimination laws. (here)

So, what other laws are "religious" people going to exempt themselves from?

There are laws against beating children, right? What if some parents decide that their religion commands them to beat their kids? With a rod? The Bible says "spare the rod, spoil the child" or something like that, right? So what's to stop a parent from claiming that their religious beliefs exempt them from having to follow the law against child abuse?

What about those cases that come up now and again where some loonie parents let their kids die because their religion forbids them to use doctors or medicine? Couldn't they claim that their religious beliefs, stupid as they are, trump the laws of the land?

Or do religious exemptions only go to corporations?


jadedj said...

Cherry picking at it's finest. Thankya Bejesus!

One Fly said...

The exemptions go to whatever benefits the 1% the most. So fucking sick of it. believers and booze - two of the most detrimental things in our unexceptional country.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I agree that the Hobby Lobby decision sets a very dangerous precedent.