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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Oh Dear God!

First of all, how the hell did this take this long?

'19 Kids and Counting' Cancelled

Good Morning America

"After thoughtful consideration, TLC and the Duggar family have decided to not move forward with '19 Kids and Counting.' The show will no longer appear on the air," the network told ABC News in a statement.

Thoughtful consideration? How much fucking thought do you have to put in to cancelling a show featuring a sexual predator and the parents who covered up his crimes? And why is the Duggar Family allowed to be part of the decision? Is this one of those things like when someone gets fired the company says he "left to spend more time with his family?" Because I really don't see how the Duggars should be entitled to this kind of face-saving statement.

Oh, but it gets worse.

TLC added in its statement that a campaign to raise awareness on child sexual abuse, including upcoming work with the Duggar family on a one-hour documentary was in the network's future. 

 Are you fucking kidding me?

Not only are you going to keep doing business with this sick family, but you're enlisting them in a campaign about child sexual abuse?
Well, I guess they're the experts.

Here's the statement Jim Bob and Michelle issued regarding the abuse their daughters suffered:

With God’s grace and help, Josh, our daughters and our entire family overcame a terrible situation, found healing and a way forward. We are so pleased with the wonderful adults they have all become."

So, these are the new spokespeople for sexual abuse awareness? People whose answer is if you suffer sexual abuse, just pray about it and it will all work out just fine. Everyone will grow up and put it behind them and be just wonderful adults, including the molester who can marry, have his own children and probably about a million nieces and nephews and it's just fine for them to spend the weekend at Uncle Josh's house!

The abuser goes unpunished, the victims get no counseling or therapy, and everything is just fine.
That's the sex abuse awareness you want to spread, TLC? And you're going to pay these sickos to be involved in this farce?


One Fly said...

It's what Merka wants. The dumber you can make them it's better than ever for the 1%.

anne marie in philly said...

these asswipes have been on tv since 2008 - they NEVER should have been on tv in the first place!

now the "war on xstains" creeps will come outta da woodwork, wailing how life is so unfair!

jadedj said...

19 and Cancel. Sort of. To be followed by 19 and Chicanery.

Bob Slatten said...

I think that whole "Duggar Family [was] allowed to be part of the decision" thing is just TLC trying to placate this band of loons in case they decide to bring the show, or some sickening spinoff, back to the network.
As for doing a show about child predators and featuring any of the Duggars, I wonder ... is it a How-to type show?
These people., all of them, need to stay away from TV; in fact, they shouldn't even be allowed to own a TV.