Monday, March 2, 2009

Blessed Arrows

This outfit, Blessed Arrows, actually raises money to pay for vasectomy and Tube-tie Reversals.
Because people who can't afford to pay for surgery really should be having lots and lots of kids!

These geniuses are affiliated with the egregious "quiverfull" movement that encourages evangelical nuts to have as many kids as possible. Each kid apparently is an arrow to be fired in the culture wars, so it's important to have your quiver full of these arrows or something like that.

Here is a picture from one of these lunatics' websites:

Ah, yes! Children as weapons! God love the family values crowd!

Here's a nice quote:
We believe that God is the best birth controller,

(I can think of a few more effective methods)

Oh, and they home-school! Good way to make sure your future jihadists don't get infected with any of that science!