Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Random Thoughts

Random thought #1:

Okay, fill in the blank.

First Lady Melania tRump: The woman who _________ too much.

No peeking at the answer!

What did you come up with?

 Did anyone, ANYONE come up with "Knows?" Melania tRump KNOWS too much?

No of course not, who would?

Way to go, Life & Style Magazine!

Oh, and that sub-headline: "No one can understand the pressure?"

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That so perfectly encapsulates the whiny solipsism of the modern Republican.
A: What pressure? You're first fucking lady. It's a purely ceremonial role! And you didn't even have to bother to show up for the first year, you stayed in New York!

and B: whatever pressure there is on you, I can think of at least 4 people off the top of my head who would understand it completely.

Former First Ladies Condemn Trump’s Family-Separation Policy

But yeah, no one has ever had it as tough as you!

Random thought #2:

I see North Carolina has changed its license plates. They used to say "First in Flight." I guess they finally realized that it wasn't impressing anyone that two brothers from Indian and Ohio happened invented the airplane and found that North Carolina had a good windy spot to test it in. So they had to come up with some other claim to fame. And I guess they couldn't fit "Hey, remember when Micheal Jordan played here? That was awesome" on a license plate So now they're "First in Freedom!"

I don't know what that's based on. Was their representative the first to sign the Declaration of Independence? No, John Hancock was from Massachusetts. I don't know. I don't know how they make this claim, but I do know one thing. The title "First in Freedom" should absolutely not be given to a slave state.

Random thought #3:

This impeachment process is probably telling us more about the Democrats than it is about the Republicans.
We already knew the Republicans were absolutely shameless, cravem, spineless hypocrites with no sense of decency. So no surprise that at least one GOP congressman has already compared Trump to Jesus Christ being tried by Pontius Pilate.

But what have we learned about the Dems? First of all, why have they decided to focus exclusively on the Ukraine thing instead of prosecuting tRump for his much more obvious blatant daily violations of the Emoluments Clause? It's almost as if no one in Washington has any interest in pointing out that bribery is illegal. They will never go after him for any financial crimes, even though it would be like shooting fish in a barrel. They won't go after him for war crimes or crimes against humanity like tearing children from their mothers' arms and locking them in cages. No, they waited until they found the one thing that he did that they could be reasonably sure they themselves would never be guilty of.

Also, as soon as the impeachment process started, the GOP immediately began whining and wailing that following the process as laid out by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution was somehow "illegitimate" and "Unconstitutional." So the Dems, instead of doing the eye roll and this motion

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They spent two days taking testimony from Constitutional scholars as if this was some sort of a legitimate dispute. As if you could bring out experts to explain why Congress fulfilling its Constitutional obligation is not, in fact, unconstitutional and the Republicans were going to go "oh, I get it now! Sorry for the confusion. Please proceed."
I don't understand why they always feel like they have to play along with Republican bullshit.