Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Most Ridiculous Thing I've Ever Heard

Mayan group's logo too much like Toucan Sam, Kellogg's squawks

Kellogg’s feathers are ruffled over a case of too many toucans.

The cereal giant has asked a Bay Area Mayan nonprofit organization to remove an image of the tropical bird in its logo, claiming that it could be confused with Kellogg’s trademarked Froot Loops mascot, Toucan Sam.


I don't know what is more ridiculous, the claim that this:

Might be confused with this:

Or the idea that Kellog's somehow owns the concept of "toucan."

Really, Kellog's? You think you have a copyright on Ramphastos Toco?

I believe I still hold the patent on that one!

Oh, hey, Kellog's, you should totally sue the Detroit Tigers for ripping off your Tony the Tiger character!


I'm totally getting that logo confused with yours:

I can barely tell the difference. I can't remember now if I wanted to watch baseball or poison myself with sugar-coated sugar flakes.

Now with Extra Sugar!

The [Mayan] group added its own accusation: Kellogg’s Froot Loops advertising strategy sends racist messages to its young target audience with the presence of a dark-skinned villain named the Greedy Witch Doctor who steals from children, it said.

Holy shit! I have never seen that commercial before! That is just horrible.