Monday, April 14, 2014

Bill O'Reilly is Ridiculous.

This morning, I heard a clip of Bill O'Reilly on the Jimmy Dore Show podcast. He was talking about students at UConn and Kentucky rioting after basketball games. And, yes, for the record, rioting is bad. People who vandalize property or otherwise commit mayhem in response to a basketball game should be arrested and punished in some way. No one on this blog is going to justify students rioting about basketball. But Bufoon Bill had this to say about the kids today:

". . . mindless vandalism, contempt for authority; 18 people hurt, multiple arrests. There is no political component involved. The mayhem is happening because of a breakdown of respect for property and authority." 

Oh, contempt for authority. Gee, where would the kids learn something like that?

Surely not from a television network that has spent the last 5-plus years slandering the President of the United States? Or from a movement that has spent decades trashing the very idea of government? I mean, my God, it's not like anyone on FOX has spent the last week glorifying the thugs that are defying the authority of the Bureau of Land Management, right? Oh, wait. . .