Thursday, August 12, 2010

This Just In. . .

Erick Erickson is still a lying moron.

check it out:

Worlds Are Colliding

During a school trip to Washington a group of students were ordered by a park service security guard standing watch over the Lincoln Memorial to stop singing the national anthem.

And word came late last night that Republicans have a serious shot at something once thought impossible — taking back the United States Senate.

What do singing the national anthem and the GOP taking back Congress have to do with each other?

Oh, oh, I know! Um, not a goddamned thing?

What do singing the national anthem and the GOP taking back Congress have to do with each other?

Voters are so hacked off they are of a revolutionary frame of mind — throwing the bums out through violence at the polls. That is far better than the alternative.

Actually, since the alternative would be NOT having violence at the polls, I would have to say that it is in fact worse than the alternative.

And here's a little context to your idea about how upset the electorate is and how much they want to throw the bums out, courtesy of Conversation 101:

There have been 305 incumbent politicians on ballots so far this year. Six have lost.


So, is it that we have a hard time expressing anger? Or, do intellectually lazy “political journalists” like this do us a disservice by writing such shallow analyses?

And by the way, that's the entire text of Erickson's post. He never does explain what the kids singing in DC have to do with Republicans taking back Congress. I don't get it. Probably neither does he.

And since Erickson doesn't expand on the DC story, here is why the students were asked to stop singing:

[US Park Police Sgt] Schlosser explained that performances, regardless of content, are banned to “maintain a contemplative and reverent area for the Lincoln Memorial, for the other guests and visitors.”

“It’s not the content of their activity – that being the national anthem – it’s the location,” he said. “A couple steps and it would have been no problem whatsoever.”

Of course, as this story makes its way through the right-wing echo chamber, the version people are going to hear is "Since Obama took over, the Park Police have been ordered to arrest anyone caught singing the National Anthem, because Obama hates America, and blargh, blargh, blargh. . ." They already have this quote from one of the more disengenuous little weasels, Shawn Balcomb, of Richmond Hill, GA. “I didn’t realize there was something wrong with singing the national anthem.”

There isn't, you sniveling little prick. And you know that. The rule is that you're supposed to keep a respectful silence at the Lincoln Memorial. The problem isn't what you were singing, it is that you were singing at all. And I assume you meant no harm. I assume you were just moved to song by the monument to the last good Republican. And when the police told you to stop,

Instead of doing as they were instructed, Gassman said the students resumed the song – an impromptu form of civil disobedience.

So, you know classy move all around.

But anyway, the point was, um. . . what did I start out to. . . oh, yeah:

Erick Erickson is a goddamn lying moron.

Only in San Francisco

Every now and then, San Francisco still shows its wonderful eccentricity.

Bill Walton and the surviving members of The Grateful Dead leading over 40,000 SF Giants fans in "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" on Monday night.

Where else could you go to a ballgame and get a bobblehead, not of one of the players, but of Jerry Garcia? Only in San Francisco