Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fuck Rahm Emmanuel

Chicago Mayor and former White House dick Rahm Emmanuel
wants the people of Chicago to pay for a new sports arena, because, sure everyone's pretty flush right now!

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is set to announce plans to build a $300 million, 12,000-seat arena for DePaul University
Yeah, DePaul University. The private Catholic University would get the taxpayers to kick in about $125 million via bonds and hotel taxes and what-not. Why in the world would a private university get it's basketball court paid for by the taxpayers? Just ask Alderman Pat Dowell:

“Sometimes you have to make an investment in city resources to be able to generate tax dollars,” Dowell said

Right. And what would be a better city resource than an arena which would be owned and operated by a private religious institution?
Emanuel avoided reporters on Tuesday, ducking out a side door after announcing a summer parks plan. He also avoided CBS 2′s cameras at City Hall.

So at least he seems to have some sense of shame.

But fuck this guy. He was never any kind of progressive. He's one of these Clinton-type "new Democrats," aka Republican-Lite. Chicago deserves better.

And not for nothing, but why in the world does a Catholic University have this logo?

How did they settle on "Blue Demons?" Was it that California already took the "Angels", and New Orleans already had "Saints?"  So, fuck it, let's be the DePaul Minions of Satan! No that's not snappy enough. . . Blue Demons!