Monday, February 23, 2009

Joe the Plumber

The most ignorant ass-clown to emerge from the last election cycle has somehow gotten another extension on his 15 minutes of fame. He has "written" a book which has somehow been published.
This makes no sense, unless the title of the book was "How to Achieve Unwarranted Fame through Unrelenting Douchebaggery."
But no, it is entitled "Something, Something American dream by some Ghostwriter."

Let me get this straight "Joe," if that is your real name, which it isn't, you stumble into a microphone, ask a spectacularly uninformed question, and now you're some kind of spokesman for conservatives? I know a lot of conservatives, and frankly, you don't represent them. Most of them are reasonable, intelligent people who aren't tax cheats (in other words, the opposite of you.) So now you are a part of the Republican Party's devolution from the party of these guys:

To the Party of these Stooges:

Great Work, Moron!

11 entire people show up to see Joe at Borders. (Most were just in the store anyway and thought theyd'd stick around and watch the train wreck) --Link--