Monday, November 16, 2009

An Excerpt from "Going Rogue"

Here is an excerpt from Sarah Palin's upcoming book which she totally wrote all by herself!

I have to assume this conversation is heavily edited. I imagine the real conversation went something like this. . . . .

Sarah: I'm not a quitter, Track. That's why I have to quit.

Track: I'm going to pray for you, mom. I'm going to pray that someone teaches you the definition of the word "quit."

Sarah: Fast about it for a day.

Track: Hey, you're the one who's quitting a job she took an oath to complete, why the fuck should I be punished?

Sarah: Okay, forget fasting food. fast from cussing for a day then.

Track: How about I fast from having a normal person's name for the next, um, my whole fucking life? How would that be?

Sarah: I'm a maverick!

Track: Yeah, yeah, I know. You're a maverick, mom. How about you quit on this phone call halfway through?

And scene.

I can't imagine how someone hasn't taken sarah aside and told her to top telling the quitting story. Her agent, her publisher, her handlers, someone's gotta tell her that quitting to prove that your not a quitter doesn't really make you look all that smart. Or sane. Or not an idiot.

Also, how does her editor not do something about the phrase "fasting food?"
One can not fast food. The verb to fast doesn't work that way. It's what you call an intransitive verb. It doesn't take an object, except in the very unusual usage of making someone fast as in: to fast a patient for a day before surgery. (

I think what she means to say is "refrain from," as in "refrain from cussing for a day." But at any rate, "fasting food" really makes no sense. At least "fast from cussing" sort of makes sense although it is incorrect, as Merriam Webster defines "fast" as: 1 : to abstain from food 2 : to eat sparingly or abstain from some foods.

Seriously, most of us learned this shit in high school.