Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bullshit of the Day

So, in response to something awful that Donald Trump said yesterday, a group called "March for Life" issued this press release.
Which is bullshit.

No Pro-Life American Advocates Punishment for Abortion

Um, since when?

“Mr. Trump’s comment today is completely out of touch with the pro-life movement and even more with women who have chosen such a sad thing as abortion,” said Jeanne Mancini, President of the March for Life Education and Defense Fund. “Being pro-life means wanting what is best for the mother and the baby. Women who choose abortion often do so in desperation and then deeply regret such a decision. No pro-lifer would ever want to punish a woman who has chosen abortion.

Okay, I don't know you and I don't know anything about your organization, so I will assume that what you say in the above paragraph is an honest representation of your particular stance on abortion and punishment. But you are honestly going to sit there and say that "No pro-lifer would ever want to punish a woman who has chosen abortion?"

Have you met any other "pro-lifers?"

It seems to be the position of the "pro-life" movement in general that abortion is the moral equivalent of infanticide.

They make no moral distinction between aborting a zygote and murdering a toddler.

And you're going to sit there with a straight face and tell me that people who believe that a woman has just murdered her own child would not want to see that woman punished? None of them would? Really?

Here's a discussion I found on some website called IGN or something:

What should the punishment be for getting an abortion if it's outlawed nationwide?

Discussion in 'The Vestibule' started by vegas133, Today at 12:40 PM.
Should the woman pay a fine? Go to jail? Get charged with first degree murder? What sort of punishment fits the crime moving foward to you if abortion suddenly becomes illegal?

First response:

An eye for an eye muthafucka

Other responses included:

Death or life imprisonment, obviously.

Same as murder 1. And miscarriage should be charged as negligent homicide.

So, obviously your press release is a bunch of bullshit. Of course many "pro-lifers" want women who have abortions to be jailed or executed. Of course they do. How could they not? How could you possibly say "abortion is murder," and then turn around and say "that murderer should not be punished at all." It makes no sense.

Hell, this comment was posted on your own website as a response to this press release:

Well, I am American, I am pro life with 12 kids to prove it, and I think some type of punishment for abortion is a good thing. Abortion is murder. To say that no pro lifer supports punishment for murder is beyond ludicrous.

Maybe you don't support punishment for abortions, maybe your organization doesn't. But you are a small part of the "pro-life community" or whatever. It's like me saying "I hate walnuts. No middle-aged white male doesn't hate walnuts." It's total bullshit.