Monday, May 19, 2014

I haven't kept up with the news lately. . .

. . . has Barack Obama resigned yet?

I mean, I'm sure that by now there must be at least 10 or 20 million patriots swarming the Mall in DC demanding his ouster, and. . .

Best comment: Shame on you for 'shopping out the other 29 million 


Oh, I see.

But surely there must be a bunch more in other parts of. . .


So, which million of you guys are going to be the ones to stay for the long haul?

And the best part is, those people who did show up? They're surprised by the "dismal turnout!"

Jackie Milton, 61, who came all the way from Texas for the protest said he was disappointed with the numbers. “It’s a very dismal turnout,” Milton told The Washington Post. “It ain’t no million. And it ain’t looking like there’s going to be millions,” he said.

So how does this happen? How do people really get their hopes up that millions and millions of people are really going to show up to demand the resignation of most pf the government? Granted, these are the same people who were completely stunned when Mitt Romney lost the election to Barack Obama even though ALL the polls predicted exactly that. But how does that happen?

I suppose  that's what happens when you live in the FOX News /AM talk radio bubble. Because in the bubble, everyone, absolutely everyone just hates hates HATES Barack Obama. And absolutely everyone knows that he is just constantly violating the Constitution on myriad uncountable and unexplainable ways. Everyone in the bubble knows that the future of the Republic is in danger if these darn liberals like Barack Obama and Mitch McConell aren't immediately removed from office. 

And if 100% of the folks in the bubble think this way, it's only reasonable to assume that something close to 100% of ALL people must think that way, it's just simple statistical analysis. So, let's say maybe 90% of 300 million people, and maybe only half are able to make it to DC, I suppose some folks can't afford cars because of Obama's job-killing policies, that means that. . . um, carry the one. . about . . . 135 million people who could be reasonably expected to show up.

Or maybe this many?