Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bob Gorrell Is Just Horrible

One of the nice things about living in Atlanta is that we get Pulitzer-Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Mike Lukovich in our newspaper. Unfortunately, there are only so many comics he can do per week, so the paper fills in the gaps with hacks like Bob Gorrell. Here's a recent example:

Oh, poverty! What a rich vein of comedy gold you are!

Here's another:

I mean, seriously, what can you even say about this? If I accept your retarded premise that the "Ground Zero Mosque" (which is neither a mosque nor at ground zero) represents terrorists murdering 3000 innocent people, then I have a hard time seeing how electing a president you don't like is somehow equivalent to that. I mean, that's just in really really bad taste.

Ooh, good one! You're the first person to notice that "Twitter" contains the word "Twit!" Well crafted! And how timely, given that Twitter is something totally brand new that just now burst on to the scene so you can really be on the vanguard of mocking it! Well done!

Oh, biting satire! It's funny because no other first family has ever gone on a vacation in US history, and no first family has ever required secret service protection while on said vacation. Ever. Good job pointing out that things cost money!

Yes, a minaret would totally impale America. Having another mosque in Manhattan would actually KILL America. It would run right through Uncle Sam Junior's gut. Not that Manhattan counts as the real America, except for 9/11-related purposes.

I'm not sure I even get this one. I guess Obama's failure to fix the mortgage crisis that began under the Bush Administration is going to hurt his chances for re-election? And that's funny because. . . um . . . because look how big his ears are! Ha! Got 'im! Zing!

You'd think I would have had to scour the archives to find so many examples of Bob Gorrell's hackery, but no. These are all from August, 2010. One month. Really. He's just really that bad.