Monday, September 7, 2015

Why must they pick on Germany?

In migrant crisis, German generosity comes under fire

Why? Why must we Germans always be criticized for our innate generosity?

— Pressure is mounting on Germany and other nations to scale back their generous policies welcoming refugees, with opponents, including some of the region’s most influential leaders, arguing that the promise of aid is enticing more and more asylum-seekers to make a break for Western Europe.

Just because of our noble tradition of being welcoming and friendly to outsiders, foreigners and those of different ethnicities,we have to listen to a bunch of shit from assholes like England and Belgium?

In the crowded refugee centers across this nation of 81 million, asylum-seekers have conceded that they had come to Germany because it is doing more to help than other nations in the region.
It's sad, really.  Why can't other people be more like Germans? We really are the best. you know. The best race on Earth. A sort of "master-race," if you will. Wait, that came out wrong. Sorry.

Bad Ads - Subaru

Honestly, I love this ad. This ad makes me laugh every time I see it. And it's cute as heck. But it's really not a good ad. In fact, I would argue that it is bad. A bad ad, as it were.

And here's why.
This ad does NOT make we want to buy a Subaru. (it's Subaru, right? I think it's Subaru.) This ad makes me not want to buy any car at all. I mean, the whole point of the ad is that owning a car is a huuuuuge pain in the ass. Watching this ad makes me want to sell my car and move somewhere with a decent subway system. Like Paris. This would be a really good ad fro moving to Paris. But for a car company? Not so much.

Who made this ad? Who thought "maybe if we make our product seem unbelievably unpleasant to own, then. . . um. . . wait. I had something for this. . . " How did they think this was going to sell cars?