Tuesday, January 29, 2019

People Who Won't Go Away

So this guy is still around somehow.

You'd think after Mr HeMan Ladykiller was discovered to be a sad little manchild living LITERALLY in his mother's basement, he would have slunk shamefully away into well-deserved anonymity. But no. Apparently, there must still be some people who want to hear what this pathetic little cloaca of a man has to say. Even if it means listening to sex-talk from a man who refers to his genitalia as a "Benis?"

So, apparently this little simpleton has gotten the idea that if one was to indulge in anal intercourse with a woman, then that person would, I guess, just go "hey, butt-sex is fun. Who else has butts? Oh, right. Men do!" and then just become all gay or something? I don't know. But I guess he thought that this was an insight that needed to be shared with the world. Between long awkward sips of coffee. As you do when you've gained enlightenment that must be promulgated.

He states unequivocally that he has never had back-door sex. Well duh! I can't imagine he's ever had sex of any kind in any door. Who would let this self-impressed worm get anywhere near her boudoir?

He says he has had a couple of women ask him if he wanted to try it. I do believe that. I just assume that the offer was immediately followed by "cuz that costs extra."

He also seems to think that showering daily is something to brag about, not just a part of any normal person's routine. And that showering makes him not want to do butt sex, because that's where poop comes out. (No one tell him about what comes out of vaginas! Or maybe do tell him. Maybe that will be enough to put him off women entirely, for which the women in whatever town he lives in would probably be eternally grateful.)

Oh, and speaking of people who will not just go away, please for the love of God just go away:

Milo Yiannapoulos Loves Jesus, Hates Mammon, Is Stealing Gospel Songs Now

For some bizarre reason, Milo has recorded a Gospel song. And there is an accompanying video which, for as long as I could stand to watch, contains zero pictures of Jesus, or the Bible, or a church, but dozens and dozens of pictures and video clips of Milo making an ass of himself in various ways. There's Milo pretending that reporters are following him around. There's Milo pretending to beat up ethnic criminals. There's Milo standing behind an Israeli flag because, sure, I guess Yianopoulos is probably a Hebrew name. Then the first time the song mentions "a Savior" we see a photo of Milo kissing Donald Trump's star onm the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Subtle!
then he sings about how much he likes Jesus over a video of thong-clad women gyrating while wearing some sort of head-covering/veil type of thing because ooh, he's so edgy, he's really taking it to those Muslims and their concepts of modesty!

Wonkette fills us in on some of the background info:

If you are anything like me, your first thought upon listening to this was "Oh there is no way that Milo Yiannopoulis got that many black people to sing back-up for him." And if you did think that, you would not be wrong! Because the entire backing track was straight up lifted from the version of the song recorded by Kirk Franklin, the gospel singer who originally sang it.
God, why won't these halfwit assholes just go away?