Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Republican Implosion, a Brief History.

First, they hitched their wagon to this star:
Then they decided that this guy: was going to be their 2012 standard bearer. Unfortunately, both of them spoke in public, and that was the end of that!

Then they put this guy: in charge of the whole party.

But he got bitch-slapped by this guy: And so did this guy:
And somewhere in all the confusion, this guy: started getting taken seriously.


Then this guy: tried to blow an undercover cop.

This guy: got caught having sex with a lady who is NOT the lady in this picture.

And this guy: just disappeared.

He later showed up and admitted to having been with this gal: (artists rendition)

instead of this one: Meanwhile, this gal: was in a batshit-crazy contest with this guy: and winning!

This guy: was talking secession with this guy: and these guys:
became the defacto spokesmen for the whole party.

You know what, republicans? Just stop it! Just cut it out! There has to be a minimum of two functioning political parties in this country.
See, here's the problem - liberals tend to over-think things, conservatives tend to under-think. Conservatives see everything in stark black & white, liberals see endless shades of grey. We need to have some of both so that it averages out to a normal person.
So knock it off! Quit fucking around and get back in the game!

NO! Not you!