Wednesday, June 6, 2018

More Random Thoughts

1. It says a lot about President McCheese, probably all you would really need to know about him, that someone called his daughter a c**t on television and he spent the next several days demanding that a different network apologize to him. For saying "nasty" things about him. What more would you need to know about this guy?

2. Has the whole Roseanne - Samantha Bee thing blown over yet? Because I really can't take the sorry spectacle of Republicans pretending to be offended by the C-word. You don't get to embrace Ted Fucking Nugent and then act like you're morally outraged by vulgarity.

You can't be these people:

Trump that Bitch (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)Two women show off their newly purchased t-shirts outside a Trump rally in Erie, Pennsylvania. (James McLeod)

And then head for the fainting couch when someone you don't like uses a four-letter word.

ohhh. . . That that word!

3. Is Melanoma Trump in witness protection? Seems like the most plausible explanation for her recent absence from the public eye.

4. Some asshole called the police and falsely reported a hostage situation at the home addresss  of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas shooting survivor David Hogg and got the SWAT team sent to his home. This has widely been described in various news source as a "prank."

Okay, a prank is calling Domino's and having them deliver a bunch of pizzas to someone's house. Ringing someone's doorbell and running away is a prank. "Swatting" is not a prank. This is an attempt to get a young man killed, wounded, or at least terrified and traumatized because someone doesn't like his point of view on guns. The media continues to coddle the extreme right to the detriment of us all.

5. Rest in peace, Dwight Clark


An icon of my youth passed away Monday at the age of 61 from ALS.

Not only was Dwight Clark the receiver who made the legendary "Catch" in the 1982 NFC championship game to send the 49ers to their first Superbowl, but he was a hell of a  nice guy too. I used to work at a KFC and Clark used to come in to get a bucket of chicken to eat on the plane when the team was traveling.  One time, he came to pick up his bucket and we didn't have it ready. "My wife called it in," he said. "Oh," says I, "if I'd have known it was for you, we'd have had it ready." And then Mr. Dwight Clark,  the Superbowl winner and guy I wanted to be when I grew up, apologized.  To me. He apologized to little pimply-faced 16-year-old me. He didn't have to do that. He was just a class act. Rest in peace, Dwight.