Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It Just Goes to Show Ya

Breaking News

Former Congressman Mark Foley Begins Talk Radio Career In West Palm Beach

Yes. That Mark Foley.

The Pervy Guy.

The Chickenhawk.

That Mark Foley. He's getting his own radio show.

"Inside the Mind of Mark Foley" will expose the inner workings of Washington D.C.

Someone alert the FCC! If you think Howard Stern is offensive just wait until Mark Foley gives you a glimpse inside his mind. I assume most of what goes on in there has to do with high school football team locker rooms and the charming older men whom the team just can't resist!

WSVU's general manager Chet Tart says, "During these incredibly changing times, it's important that we hear the voice of a true Washington D.C. insider."

yeah, usually the term "insider' refers to one who is on the um, inside. Since Foley is no longer a part of the Washington DC milieu, I'm not sure that he really qualifies.

"You're going to be amazed," said WSVU spokesman Joseph Raineri of Foley. Raineri said that "with everything that's going on with healthcare and everybody questioning what's happening in Washington, DC, we thought who better to explain what's going on than Mark Foley."

You mean besides almost anyone?

It just goes to show ya, as long as you're a rightie, there is nothing you can do that will stop the gravy train. There will always be someone willing to throw money at you. Usually it's one of the so-called "think-tanks" like Heritage Foundation, the Hoover Institute, the RAND Corporation, etc. but this time it's the media. Damn Liberal Media!
The same Damn Liberal Media that gives shows to criminals like G. Gordon Liddy and Oliver North. But mark Foley? Really? Wow.