Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The strange rise of Pete Buttigieg, Part 2

Full disclosure: I;m not a conspiracy theory guy. I used to be, but the older I get the more convinced I am that Lee Harvey Oswald just got off a lucky shot and that it's just a coincidence that there have been a few major earthquakes in countries we don't like while the space shuttle was in orbit. So I am not trying to say that Pete Buttigieg is a CIA plant or anything. But it would make a lot more sense if he was.

For instance: Pete speaks, depending on who's telling the story, six or seven or eight languages. So, Spanish I get. And Maltese, because that's his ethnic background. And French and Italian are super cool and probably help get you laid when you're young and single. But why does a caucasian midwesterner speak Arabic and Farsi? There are only 2 reasons why a white not-Muslim American would learn Arabic and Farsi - either because he's in the oil business, or he's a CIA  operative. And I don't believe that Mayor Pete was ever an oilman.

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And then there's the matter of his "tourist" trip to Somaliland. Which is not a place that anyone has ever considered a vacation destination. Ever.

Tourists in Somaliland

Last week we went to Somalia as American tourists. We stayed only a night, but that was plenty of time to wander unescorted through the local market, explore town in a battered Toyota station wagon, and even head out into the desert to admire some ancient cave paintings.

"Every member of Parliament in Mogadishu gets a salary paid mostly by U.S. and EU funds," one Somaliland official told us.

Wait. What?
You're there as tourists. You're there for ONE DAY, and in-between viewing cave paintings and exploring the town, you somehow managed to squeeze in a meeting with at least one local government official?
I have been a tourist in several countries. And I have generally stayed in those countries for a week at minimum. And I have never once met a government official in any of them. Not once. And I'm a charming guy.I think any member of any country's parliament would enjoy meeting me. And yet, bupkes! You need to have some kind of serious connections to be in a country for one day and somehow take a meeting with a government official.Rick Fucking Steves couldn't pull that off!

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This was as close as he's ever gotten.

And who is Pete's co-author, Nataniel Myers? I had no idea so I Googled his bio and found his Linked-In page where it states

  • Nathaniel Myers
  •  3rd degree connection

Senior Transition Advisor at USAID 

Oh for God's sake. USAID? That's practically a subsidiary of the CIA!

And "transition advisor?" That means he asssits in the transition from a country's elected government to whatever government we install in that country.

And there's this little bullet point in his resume':

  • TitleTransition Advisor

    Dates Employed2014

    Employment Durationless than a year

  • TitleDeputy Country Representative, Sri Lanka

    Dates Employed2013 – 2014

    Employment Duration1 yr

    LocationColombo, Sri Lanka

Now why would someone who is clearly not Sri Lankan

find himself in the position of being a deputy "country representative" for Sri Lanka?

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Okay, so clearly Buttigieg in up to his eyeballs with the military intelligence milieu. But that still doesn't explain how a no-name mayor from a small town in Indiana who couldn't win an election for state treasurer became one of the front-runners for one of our two major political parties. What is it about Pete? Politically, there's not a lot of daylight between him and a bunch of other candidates who fell by the wayside before Iowa. The people who threw in with Buttigieg could (and should) have just as easily backed Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Beto O'Rourke, Kristen Gillibrand, or Joaquin Castro. But for some reason, from the moment he threw his hat into the ring, billionaires have been lining up to shovel money into his campaign.

According to Forbes:

Forty billionaires and their spouses have donated to Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign, according to an analysis of federal election filings, making the South Bend, Indiana mayor a favorite among America’s richest people.
Forbes found that Buttigieg got donations from 13 big-money donors who gave exclusively to him—by far the most of any Democrat running for president. Two of those donors have connections to Donald Trump. Jennifer Pritzker, a transgender retired Army lieutenant colonel who inherited a chunk of the Hyatt hotels fortune and previously backed the president, is now giving to Buttigieg. So is Daryl Roth, the wife of Trump business partner Steven Roth.

Yeah. . . nothing shady there.

One interesting billionaire that donated to Pete's campaign is LinkedIn's Reid Hoffman. What's interesting about Hoffman? well, buried down towards the end of this Politico piece on the Iowa app debacle, is this little tidbit:

McGowan launched ACRONYM after Trump’s election as a “digital-first political organization" with the goal of electing progressive Democrats, mostly in state legislative races. The group quickly attracted attention, especially in Silicon Valley, from newly galvanized major donors including LinkedIn’s Hoffman, who was wading into politics and looking for projects to disrupt the Democratic status quo. (Hoffman and other donors in his network “took a chance” on ACRONYM, McGowan told POLITICO in 2019.)

So the company that created the app that screwed up Iowa and allowed Pete Buttigieg to declare victory with zero votes counted was funded in part by a billionaire who donated to Pete's campaign and was looking for a way to "disrupt the Democratic status quo." Coincidence? Probably.Hoffman also donated to other centrists like Booker, Harris and Klobuchar (you know, to disrupt the status quo!) but it's way more fun to assume that it isn't!

Another prominent Buttigieg donor (and this one has donated exclusively to Buttigieg) is movie mogul David Geffen. This wouldn't be notable except fopr Geffen's link to the gay West-Coast version of Jeffery Epstein, Marc Collins-Rector.

What is it with wealthy, well-connected men and sexual abuse of minors?
Now I am not AT ALL accusing Mayor Peter Buttigieg of engaging in any kind of sexual abuse of anyone. I have absolutely no reason to think that he has ever committed any kind of sex crime. I'm just saying that Geffen is dirty and anyone with connections to the sex-trafficking underground has probably rubbed elbows with people involved in covert black-ops. And Geffen supports Mayor Pete.

Okay. In summary:
Am I sayimg that Pete Buttigieg is CIA? No. I'm not saying that. I'm also not saying he isn't. All I'm saying is these are the kind of people he has been associating with his entire adult life. And these people never saw a country they didn't want to invade or bomb. And they've never seen a progressive or left-leaning government they didn't want to overthrow. And if Pete Buttigieg ends up in the White House, these are the people who are going to be in charge of our foreign policy. And on the domestic front, there is no way in HELL that a man who worked for McKinsey, who served in Naval intelligence and who has links to FBI and CIA is ever going to allow anything progressive to happen here in the good old US of A.

Seriously, if you're not familiar with McxKInsey, read this piece in the Observer: