Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Having a gun makes you safer!

Because without an AK-47, how would you protect yourself from your elderly father who has his hands in his pockets. HIS POCKETS!

Murder suspect told 911 operators he ‘had to shoot’ his father
Posted: 12:23 p.m. Tuesday, June 4, 2013
The Henry County man who police say shot and killed his father at the family’s auto parts business last Wednesday told 911 operators that he killed his father after the older man threatened him.
So I guess the old man had a gun pointed at the son? Or a knife? Or something?
“He came in here wanting to fight me, and had his hands in his pocket and I didn’t have no choice but to shoot him,” Morgan told the operator.
No choice! What else could he do? I know if my dad ever comes at me with pocketed hands, well, I'd sure want to have a military-grade assault weapon at hand!
Asked by the dispatcher where in the body his father was shot, Morgan replied, “I shot him wherever I could hit him.”
The operator asked if the victim was breathing, and Morgan said, “no, he ain’t; he’s dead.”

And here comes the really salient part:

The operator then asked Morgan to look and see if his father’s chest was rising.
“I shot him with an AK-47; there ain’t no way he’s breathing,” Morgan said.

Because I gotta think that if this nut had been armed with, say a deer rifle or a revolver, maybe the old man might still be breathing. Maybe he would have survived one shot to the gut, but instead, his moron son "shot him wherever he could hit him" with a goddamm AK.

How long are we going to allow mentally unstable idiots to arm themselves with military-style weaponry just because the cowards in DC are afraid of hurting the feelings of guys like this?