Thursday, August 30, 2012

Some Observations on the RNC

I have not watched a minute of the Republican Convention. I just can't put myself through that, no matter how many potential laughs there are.

I assume it looks a little something like this:
But from what I'm hearing, some weird shit is going on there. For one thing, none of the speeches are about Mitt Romney. The speeches could all have been written before they chose the nominee. Mitt Romney is the Johnny Bravo of politics. They had the songs, they just needed a guy who fit the suit.


The one speech that was about Mitt was delivered by Ann Romney who was then completely punked by Chris Christie

I want to talk to you about LOVE!

Love is for sissies, we want respect!

Also Ann Romney is weird. For one thing, when she shouts "I Love you Women!" she sounds like Lyle the effeminate heterosexual stating his dedication to heterosexuality.

I love Vagiiiiiiinas!!!

And what she loves so much about women is that "we are the mothers, the daughters, the sisters, the grandmothers. . ." Yes, being related to other people, that's quite a fucking accomplishment.  That's really the best you could come up with? You do know that women do actual things, right? Oh, I guess you probably didn't know that.

And now she's out talking to Latina women, I wonder how that's going?

Artist's rendition
Ann Romney Woos Hispanic Voters,
 Urging They Get Past ‘Their Biases’ 

Really, Ann?

"You’d better really look at your future and figure out who’s going to be the guy that’s going to make it better for you and your children. . . 

Because Latinas just love being lectured to by condescending rich white ladies!

“It really is a message that would resonate well if they could just get past some of their biases that have been there from the Democratic machines that have made us look like we don’t care about this community,” Romney said. “And that is not true. We very much care about you and your families and the opportunities that are there for you and your families.”

We just want those opportunities to be in Mexico or Guatemawhatsitcalled, wherever you people are from. Why are you so biased against us?

She stressed her immigrant roots, mentioning that her grandfather was Welsh.

“I know what it’s like to be the daughter of immigrants,” she said

Um, yeah, daughter and granddaughter are not the same thing. You are the granddaughter of an immigrant who, by the way, came from an English-speaking country and was white, so it's a little different experience from what a Juanita Torres might have.
And we all know you grew up rich, so don't act like you have anything in common with first-generation Mexican-Americans.

Romney praised the first lady of Puerto Rico, Luce Fortuno, who introduced her last night, calling them “kindred spirits.”

“What she and her husband are doing on that little island is quite remarkable. You should be so proud,”

Well, it's just adorable how you folks on that precious little island are just really doing so great and all!

And lastly, are the Republicans seriously going with a convention theme based around an intentional misconstruing of something that the president said? There is really no low to which these people will not sink.