Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Advice for Sarah Palin

Tsk, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. . .

If you're going to create a fake Facebook profile to basically troll yourself, don't use bits of your real name as the fake name like some sly cartoon villain!

See, it's not that hard to find out that your middle name is Louise, and when the only thing the fake persona seems to care about is how awesome Sarah and Bristol Palin are, well, it's not that hard to put two and two together. Oh, sorry, I mean for most of us putting two and two together is easy, you know what, it's like a math thing, it's not important. No, MATH, not METH. You know what, just forget it.

It might be less suspicious if you named your alter ego "Jane Smith" or something. Okay, probably Jane Smith is already taken, but there are lots of names that are probably still available. Here are a few suggestions:

Helen A. Handbasket

Marge Inall

Alexandre Dumass

Phyllis Steen

Erin Competent

Amelia Airhead

Lacey Unmentionables

Julia Childish

Eileen Wright

Shirley U. Geste

Opal Eeze

Barbara Aryan

Linda Masapost
Alma Exesliveintexas

Mae Niac

Tara Part

Misty Meaner

Sandra McQueen

Narcissa Sism

Quittie McDumbfuck

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