Saturday, February 21, 2009

On a Claire day

Believe it or not, some newspapers actually expend newsprint on this:

Want to write your own "Claire Day" Comic? Why wouldn't you, when its this easy!
Just use this simple template:

Frame 1: A character says something.

Frame 2: A brief conversation which seems like it could be a set-up for a punchline.

Frame 3: Someone makes a simple declarative statement about something obvious.

Why waste time being funny or clever or amusing or thought-provoking when you can make money with this can't-miss formula?

Here's an example:

Frame 1: Claire to co-worker: "what's wrong?"

Frame 2: Co-worker to Claire: "I have a headache!"

Frame 3: Claire: "Headaches Hurt!"

POW! Money in the bank! And it only took me like, ten seconds to compose!

Here's another tip:
Never take an art class. Being able to draw well is NOT a requirement for entry into the fun, fast-paced world of comic strip hackery!

Now you're ready. Grab a pen and start hacking!