Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jeb Bush + Some Dumb Kid

This idiot kid actually says that he thinks people can learn more from listening to Rush Limbaugh than ithey can in high school or college. And NO ONE objects! There's even a smattering of applause! And then Jeb answers the question as if it were somehow legitimate. As if this dunderhead had some sort of a point.
Then Jeb spews out a ridiculous piece of revisionist history about FDR supposedly prolonging the Great Depression, you know, like the way that penicillin prolongs syphilis. (Which, incidentally, you would have to be suffering from to believe this crap.)

WARNING: Place something soft below your jaw before watching this video. Because your jaw will drop.

UPDATE: The idiot group that runs this idiot "listening tour," the National Council of Idiots for a New, More Idiotic America, is about to be joined by Uber-idiot Sarah Palin, who had originally snubbed them, but By Golly knows a good thing when she sees one, you betcha!