Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bad Ads - Cartier

Oh my Gawd!

So you're saying that your wristwatch is a Star Wars robot leopard? Because what I'm getting from this is Star Wars robot leopard.

Although, to be fair, if it was a Star Wars robot leopard, then it might make sense for the kid in the end to be gazing longingly at it it through the shop window.

I mean, how old is this fuckin kid, like 10? What kind of a piece of shit kid is gazing dreamily at a Cartier fucking wristwatch like it was the coolest new toy he's ever seen? What the hell is wrong with this kid? He should be wanting a new bike or a Playstation or maybe a puppy, but no. All this sad, dainty little aristocrat wants is a god damn Cartier wristwatch?

And how is his father encouraging this? Like "why, that's a fine ambition, son. You've quite an eye for the finer things in life. You'll make some wintry, soulless heiress a fine husband someday. After all, you're never too younbg to be a stuffed shirt!"

How does he not smack the back of this kid's head and yell "snap out of it, young Niles Crane! We're going to Toys 'R' Us?" 

Or behold your future! 

Also, people buy things like Cartier wristwatches because they are status symbols. No one cares if behind the face beats the heart of a Star Wars robot leopard. Just make 'em fancy and expensive and you'll do just fine.