Saturday, September 13, 2014

I love a parade Vol. III

Just a few more pictures from the Dragon*Con Parade.

These are Gumbys
The person on the far right wins my award for cleverest costume - Gumby dressed as a Gumby..

 This would appear to be tiny Spiderman hanging out with Gotham City villains.

Not cool, tiny Spidey, not cool.

Probably the less said about this next group the better: 


More Box Heroes, an Atlanta institution:


 No idea.

Um, a robot?

I have no clue.

Wait, now I do:

Putting the Dragon in Dragon*Con

Admiral Akbar busting ghosts?

This has to be from Star Wars, right?

Oh my God, I actually know this one!
Back to the Future!

Ooh, two in a row -- Indy!

Scary sword guy?

On the right, Powerpuff Girls. On the left? Maybe porn characters?

The Periodic Table of Elements

And as we all know, the most terrifying element is Sodium:

The Ice King

Some guy. Looks like a jerk.


Wreck-it Ralph, Disney princesses and some walking eclairs.

And, to reward you for your patience, I will close with a little beefcake: