Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Why do these imbeciles think they get their own foreign policy?

First there was Larry, Curly and Moe going over to Egypt to directly contradict the President's foreign policy. 

Then the #47Traitors committed a blatant, shameless violation of the Logan Act, a crime which pretty much borders on treason.

And it doesn't seem likely that they will ever face any consequences for their dickery.

Although they are doing some back-pedaling on the subject:

Rand Paul Says He Wanted To Strengthen The President's Hand - By Signing Iran Letter

Unnamed Republican sources now trying to claim Iran letter was meant as a 'cheeky' joke

Oh, nuclear arms treaty negotiations, what a rich vein of comedy gold you are!

Then today, I saw this:

[Rep. Steve] King told a local radio station last week that he was all set to travel abroad on “a very important diplomatic mission,” when he suddenly got word that official funding for the trip had been canceled.

A"'very important diplomatic mission?"  Dude, you're not a diplomat.
You don't go on "diplomatic missions."
That's not part of your job description.
When you visit another country, it's not a diplomatic mission, it's a junket. Or maybe an outing. Or an excursion. Or even an escapade. But it's not a mission of any kind, let alone a diplomatic one. And certainly not "very important."

“[The trip] had been signed off on, certified, authorized, everything all booked,” King told Iowa talk show radio host Simon Conway. “The order came down from the speaker’s office, ‘that shall be rescinded.’ And the people who [Boehner] most objects to for disagreeing with him are now grounded to the United States by order of the speaker.

 Yeah, because even John Boehner realizes what an embarrassment to the nation you are.