Saturday, November 9, 2013

Just call us mint jelly. . .

. . .'cuz we're on the lam!

We're gettin out of town, layin low til the heat dies down. Should be back in about a week.

Jersey Logic

So the New jersey legislature passed an increase in the state's minimum wage. Governor Chris Christie vetoed it. So the voters put it on the ballot and passed it by a margin of about 60/40. And by pretty much the same margin re-elected governor Chris Christie.

I know I'm a little confused. I mean, New Jersey's considered a "blue" state. Christie is anti-choice, anti-gay-marriage, anti-stimulus, anti-everything blue-staters generally care about. And yet they returned him to office easily. I could see if maybe he was a charismatic, likeablr Bill Clinton-type politician, bjut he's a loudmouth bully. A real jerk who revels in his own jerkishness. So what's to like?
How dare you question me, schoolteacher?

I can only conclude that there is a large swath of the American electorate that just loves a bully.  How else to explain the careers of Gordon Ramsey, Simon Cowell, and the lady from Dance Moms?
Dance for me, peons!