Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Well, I guess I shoulda seen this coming

I'm always a day behind watching The Walking Dead, because I'm too old to stay up that late in a school night. But last night, when I saw the two new characters Aaron and Eric

all I thought was "are these going to be good guys or bad guys? 'Cuz they seem a little too good to be true, especially that Aaron, no one's that nice, especially after a punch in the face."

Somehow, I didn't think "oh, this is going to be controversial!" Mainly because I was under the impression that this was 2015, not 1955.

Well, wrong again, Professor!

Because today I started seeing this kind of shit on the interwebs:

Oh, fer fuck sake!
This is what might get you to turn off The Walking Dead?
Like, not this:


That won't get you reaching for the remote, but this:


is too disturbing for you?

Oh, that's gross?
This is not too off-putting for you


But two dudes kissing is where you draw the line?

Right. Gross! Why can't they just go back to showing guys killing each other?


Now that's wholesomE!

Oh, that's lame?
No, Hershel was lame.
Because Rick chopped his fucking leg off with a fucking axe.

But that didn't disturb you, two dudes in love, that disturbs you. Wow!


Seriously, these people are perfectly fine watching re-animated corpses feast on the flesh of the living as they scream in pain and terror. They're fine with a little girl stabbing her little sister to death and then Carol putting a fucking bullet in her head.


They're fans of a show featuring murders, cannibalism, domestic violence, dismemberment, children dying and heads being sliced in two with a samurai sword, but the sight of two men kissing, that their delicate sensibilities just can't handle. How pathetic is that?