Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Disturbing News

So this is unsettling.
11 House Republicans have sent a letter to Jeff Sessions, the head of the FBI and, for some reason, the US Attorney for Utah to refer several people for investigation/prosecution. ( )

Who are the nefarious evildoers they want to see get arrested? Well, the rogues' gallery includes.

James Comey

Hillary Clinton

Loretta Lynch

Andrew McCabe

Pretty much a most-wanted list of supervillains.

Just look at the crimes these magnificent 11 are alleging that these ne-er-do-wells have committed.

James Comey: Charged with not prosecuting Hillary Clinton when she totally did e-mails. Also with keeping memos of his meetings with Donald Trump.



Seriously, check out the letter. It's a pdf, so I can't cut and paste any excerpts and the screenshots are getting screwed up, but click on the link and you'll see I am not making this up!

Hillary Clinton: Charged with having paid for oppo research.

Hmm, weird. 
I guess they decided to give her a pass on murdering everyone in Benghazi! Benghazi!! BENGHAZI!!!

Anyway, there are very serious charges levied against everyone on the list, including "lacking candor" and a thing that some nutter on FOX claimed that Loretta Lynch did.

I don't know which is a more disturbing possibility. That these eleven menebers of Congress - not 11 guys standing on milk crates with bullhorns on Los Angeles street corners, but eleven actual, honest-to-God members of Congress -- The US Congress!-- actually believe in their Alex-Jones-addled brain-like objects that Comey, Clinton, et al are actually guilty of these made-up "crimes," or that these eleven members of Congress are so committed to turning the United States of America into a tin-pot dictatorship that they are actively trying to drum up spurious charges against anyone they perceive as one of Il Douche's political enemies. Either way, it's awfully frightening.

Here is the list of the eleven either super-corrupt or super-crazy reps who signed this insane letter.