Thursday, January 17, 2019

Horrible person remains horrible

I thought for a second, when I saw a tweet about hate coming from him, that maybe Victor Davis Hanson had turned some kind of corner and was becoming a decent human being.

A License To Hate

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Oh. Old V.D. Hanson is going to examine the rising tide of hate in this country? The increased incidences of hate crimes? The resurgence of racist rhetoric online and in the real world? Is he going to actually write something worthwhile?

Hahaha! Of course not!

It's Victor Davis Hanson! From the Hoover Institute!

Of course the "hate" problem he can see from his ivory tower is the "hate" that the "left" has for Trump and his supporters.

Recently on CNN, former Republican politico and now Never Trump cable new analyst Rick Wilson characterized Donald Trump’s supporters as his “credulous rube ten-toothed base.”

Okay, the bit about the teeth is a bit rude. I'll give you that. But "credulous rubes?" That's a bit hard to argue with. How else to describe people who allowed themselves to be convinced that a man with more bankruptcies than failed marriages was the "brilliant businessman" who could run the country in a fiscally sober and responsible way? How else would you describe people who thought that the man with the gold-plated toilet was going to be the champion of the common man? What term would you use to describe a group of people who bought the malarkey that this buffoonish man-child would somehow have the negotiating skills to get a foreign nation to pay billions of dollars for a structure which they didn't even want?

Wilson was not original in his smear of the 63 million Americans who voted for Trump. He was likely resonating an earlier slander of Politico reporter Marco Caputo. The latter had tweeted of the crowd he saw at a Trump rally: “If you put everyone’s mouths together in this video, you’d get a full set of teeth.

Yeah, that's a bit mean.
Although. . .

Image result for trump supporter teeth

Was the point of these stereotypes that poor white working-class people who supposedly voted for the controversial Trump understandably ate improperly, did not practice proper dental hygiene, or did not visit dentists—or all three combined?
When challenged, Caputo doubled down on his invective. He snarled, “Oh no! I made fun of garbage people jeering at another person as they falsely accused him of lying and flipped him off. Someone fetch a fainting couch.”

Garbage people?
That's a bit much, isn't it?
How could he possibly refer to these people as "garbage people?'

Although. . .

Image result for t shirts at trump rally

In the released trove of the Department of Justice text communications involving the Clinton email probe, an unidentified FBI employee had texted to another FBI attorney his abject contempt for the proverbial Trump voter and indeed middle America itself: “Trump’s supporters are all poor to middle class, uneducated, lazy POS [“pieces of sh*t”].” In fact, Trump in 2016 received about 90 percent of all Republican votes, about the same ratio as won by both recent presidential candidates John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Oh, man. You're so close to getting it. You've almost figured out that Trump is not an anomaly. That the same voters who voted for the dignified, respectable McCain and Romney happily flocked to the polls to vote for Mr "Grab 'em by the pussy." You've almost figured out that your party is, actually, the political home of the worst kind of garbage people. You're so close!

Oh, and it's a bit off-topic, but when you say "his abject contempt for the proverbial Trump voter and indeed middle America itself,“ you are perfectly illustrating Rule #1 of conservatives: No conservative will ever argue anything honestly. Because it's a hell of a leap from "Trump voter" to "Middle America Itself." This unnamed FBI employee never says anything about middle America. He heaps contempt on a very specific group of people. Trump voters. And Trump voters does NOT equal "Middle America." And you know this.

Recently actor Jim Carey tweeted a picture of Trump supporters as apes, as if evolution is now operating in reverse as Trumpians descend into primate status.

Oh, now that is going too far. Comparing political opponents to apes? That is just unprecedented!

Although. . .


Rep. Hank Johnson (who on prior occasions had referred to Jewish residents on the West Bank as “termites,” and believed that too many American troops based on the shoreline of Guam might “tip” the island over and capsize it)

Okay, let me just stop you there for a minute. I don't know the context of the "ternite" quote, but I will tell you that the Guam tipping over line was a joke. He was making a point of some kind, I don't remember what, but he does not actually believe that islands can tip over. As to the termite quote, that sounds shitty, but beear in mind that he is referring to people who have "settled" in a land whose previous residents were forced out, whose homes were bulldozed and who are living as refugees in their own land. So I don't know how much respect these "residents" really deserve.

Please continue.

Rep. Hank Johnson. . .  recently compared Trump to Hitler

Wow, that's pretty harsh.
Where would he come up with such a comparison?

Laura Ingraham Nazi GIF - LauraIngraham Nazi Salute GIFs

Welcome to

Hail Trump: White nationalists mark Trump win with Nazi salute

In the US, video has emerged of far right activists celebrating Donald Trump’s victory with what appear to be Nazi salutes.

 For former Vice President Joe Biden, Trump supporters are “virulent people” and “the dregs of society”.

That seems a bit unfair, to characterize all of those millions of voters in such a severe way.

Although. . .

Image result for trump fuck your feelings

At about the same time as Wilson’s recent smear, multimillionaire TV personality Donny Duetsch weighed in on television about the Trump supporters who favor building a barrier on the southern border to discourage illegal immigration:
“This is all [Trump] has left. That one metaphor, that one thing that talks to that 39, 40, 41% base that says: either the black man, or the brown man, or the Jewish man, or the media man, or the banker man is coming to take your wife?” According to Duetsch’s analysis, were the legions of Democrats—including Sens. Biden and Chuck Schumer—who supported the Secure Fence Act of 2006 that authorized hundreds of miles of border fencing, also worried over their virility or is just the working middle class?

Oh my god. First of all, Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden are two of the worst Democrats. It's odd that you would pick those two wishy-washy centrists as being the epitome of Democrats, like "EVEN Schumer and Biden wupported this fence bill!" Second, you want to know why so many Dems supported the "secure fence?" Because they are fucking cowards who thought they could bend over backwards far enough to appease these people:

anti_immigrant_AL_040711-thumb-640xauto-2781   Santa Monica Joins L.A. in Urging Block of Trump Order on 'Sanctuary' Jurisdictions

Both Wilson and Deutsch in the past had also characterized Trump supporters as Nazi-like.

Boy, talk about "Trump derangement syndrome," right? Where do they come up with this sort of. . . oh, right!

Nazis and Brain Cancer- A Waiting Game

Image result for trump nazi

White supremacists and white nationalists carry lit Tiki torches while marching through the University of Virginia campus on

Both Wilson and Deutsch in the past had also characterized Trump supporters as Nazi-like. Both, in lieu of any analyses of why or how Trump got elected or has found success in restoring the economy to robust growth. . .

Wtf Laugh GIF - Wtf Laugh Spit GIFs

Restoring the ecnonmy. . .!

Laughing Too Hard GIF - Stanley Theoffice Laughing GIFs 
Robust growth!

Stop, you're killing me!

But seriously, as to how and why Trump got elected? Um, he first appeared on the campaign scene with his "Mexicans are rapists" speech. He promised prospective voters that he would ban Muslims from the U.S. And he promised that not only would he build a wall to keep Latinos out, he would force Mexico to pay for it. So, yeah. . . kinda "Nazi-like" way of getting elected. There, is that enough "analyses" for ya?

anyway, he goes on in this vein for a while while we all wait patiently for him to make a fucking point already! 
Then he finally gets to it.

What does all this hate speech signify?

Do you seriously not know what "hate speech" is? Saying "I hate people who are racist." or "I hate men who grab strange women by the pussy" is not hate speech.  Neither is mocking the number of teeth that a particular voting bloc has, or pointing out their similarities to brownshirts of yore.You know this.

What does all this hate speech signify?
One, there is terrible frustration among both the progressive Left (and the Never Trump Right whose luminaries have mused about replacing a supposed spent white working class with purportedly more energetic immigrants)

Who? What member of the "Never-Trump Right" has mused about the "great replacement?" That's neo-Nazi conspiracy theory garbage. No one has proposed or even hinted at doing this. What member of the "anti-Trump Right" do you claim holds this position? I mean, it should be fairly easy to figure out since the "Never-Trump Right" consists of like three people. I mean, has Bill Kristol, Max Boot or Jeff Flake proposed such a thing? No, they have not. And that is pretty much the entire roster of the never-trumpers. Oh, and Rick Wilson There are four members. But he hasn't either.

But yes. There is tremendous frustration among the progressive left. Although, to be honest, we were more frustrated during the Obama years because we thought he had the opportunity to introduce much more sweeping progressive legislation than he did, especially during the first two years of his first term. Whatever happened to card check, for instance?

So far Trump has not been stopped. His foreign and domestic agendas often find success 

Cry Crying GIF - Cry Crying Laugh GIFs

Sorry, sorry. Go on.

So far Trump has not been stopped. His foreign and domestic agendas often find success and resonate with about 40-45 percent of the American people. Much of the uncouthness, then, reflects their own frustrations and sense of alienation that millions of Americans have tuned them out.

Oh, is that where the "uncouthness" is coming from? See, here I thought it was coming from the guy who called Congressman Adam Schiff "Adam Shitt." Or maybe it was coming from the guy who took time out of a presidential debate to reassure voters that his penis was adequately-sized. Or maybe it was coming from the man who told his supporters "knock the crap out of them" at one of his political rallies. Or said that he would "bomb the shit out of them." Or maybe the uncouthness might have come from the man who said he would tell NFL owners "Get that son of a bitch off the field!"
But I see now. Obviously the "uncouthness" is coming from the frustrations of the people who oppose the man who said all those things. Oh it's all so clear now! I wonder that I hadn't seen it before!

Second, most of the slurs are voiced by elites,

Says the man from Stanford University's Hoover Institution. You know how much they hate "elites" at Stanford University's Hoover Institution.

But sure, of course. the elites always look down their noses at common folk like . . . multi-billionaire real estate tycoons who are also television stars?

Perhaps their angst is driven by class—as in how can their own superior logic and reasoning fail to resonate with 63 million voters

I guess they'll have to console themselves with the fact that their candidate did manage to at least eke out a total of. . . SIXTY SIX MILLION votes. (If you can round up, so can I.)

Third, cowardice plays a role. Those who slander the deplorables and irredeemables assume that they can say almost anything and expect no pushback, given the white working classes lack the romance of the poor and the supposed panache of the elite. A race to the bottom develops in which the more the hatred, the more the clicks and the media exposure.

Yeah. That's a thing that only the left does. None of the #TCOTs would ever espouse hatred and vitriol for clicks. You'd never see conservatives on social media

You'd certainly never see the right posting hateful shit on social media.

Although. . .

Minority critics expect their own identity politics affiliations to shield them from criticism. Wealthy white elites virtue-signal their disgust for those without privilege as a way of ensuring that those like themselves, who most certainly enjoy privilege, are rewarded with ideological exemptions for it.

Honestly, that is so fucking stupid I don't even know how to respond. I'm just going to leave that there and someone more clever than I can write the punchline.

Finally, we are learning that the entire idea of political correctness was never much about universal ideas of tolerance of the other, or insistence that language and protocols must not stigmatize individuals by lumping them into stereotyped and dehumanized collective groups.  What we are witnessing, instead, is that it is fine to demonize millions, from their appearance to their purported hygiene and smell to affinities with feces and apes—if it serves political or cultural agendas.

Oh waah waah waah! Oh, it's so awful that these people

are getting their feelings hurt!

And of course it's completely the same thing. Mocking someone's race or gender or national origin or sexuality is completely the same as mocking their choice of presidential candidate. It is just as bad to hurl racial slurs at a minority as it is to point out that people who voted for a racist misogynist xenophobic bigot who brags about sexually assaulting women and muses about dating his own daughter might actually be bad people.

You want to maybe just sum the whole column up before go?

In sum, cultural progressivism is about raw power, not principle.

Yeah. Politics is about power. The entire poiont of politics is to gain and wield power. Now, if you belong to a decent political party, you would intend to wield power in a way that benefits the common good. But it's all about power. I don't know why you think that power is something unique to "cultural progressives."

Maybe because you're a horrible person?
Oh, sorry. That was uncouth!