Monday, August 4, 2014

You know what, fuck this guy, too!

Somehow, from out of the ass-clown circus that is the Republican's Benghazi committee, actual real-world sanity managed to poke its head out. Of course, it saw its shadow and we're going to get 6 more weeks of bullshit.

House panel: No administration wrongdoing in Benghazi attack

[Rep. Mike]Thompson said the report "confirms that no one was deliberately misled, no military assets were withheld and no stand-down order (to U.S. forces) was given."

So it's over, right? We're done with this now, right?

Gowdy: More witnesses to testify on Benghazi

But, but. . . it's over. We're done now. There can't possibly be any more, right?

Gowdy, the committee’s Republican chairman, also said the panel is gaining access to witnesses who didn’t participate in previous congressional investigations into the attacks.

Wait, you found more people who weren't there to make shit up? Alert CBS!

“I know I’m biased, but one of the good parts about running an investigation in a way that appears to be serious-minded is that witnesses who were previously unavailable or not interested in cooperating are now interested in cooperating,” Gowdy said.

Oh fer fuck sake! This investigation absolutely does not appear to be any more serious than any of the other phony clown-show  inquisitions. Although I do have to give you credit for admitting that A: you are biased, and B: this investigation only "appears" to be serious-minded. (although, honestly it really doesn't even seem to be)

Gowdy, in an interview, said the panel isn’t scheduled to meet during the August congressional recess, but committee lawyers and investigators will be working.

Which is how you can tell how super-important and serious this is, they're not going to let it interfere with their month off.

Last week, the 12 committee members — seven Republicans and five Democrats — met behind closed doors with family members of the four men killed in Benghazi on the 11th anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks in the U.S.

“One of the issues in homicide cases is that the jury knows more about the defendant and virtually nothing about the victim,” said Gowdy, a former prosecutor. “We wanted to give the family members a chance to tell us whatever was on their heart and mind.”

How is that supposed to help anything? Is there something that a grieving family member is going to tell you that's going to crack the case wide open? If these four Americans were brave, noble patriots or if they were jerks who took an overseas posting because they wanted to get far away from their exes, the case is exactly the same. Very bad people stormed the embassy and killed four Americans. It's not like getting some insight into the victims' personalities is going to help you sort through the facts of the case. Facts which, I might add, have already been thoroughly investigated.

Oh, Ambassador Stevens was a big sports fan, eh? So that's how they did it!
Oh, he liked Italian food? That proves that Hillary was in on it!

So  who is this Gowdy character?

Rep.Trey Gowdy (R-SC) rising star in Benghazi cover-up (video ...

 Seriously? That's a congressman? Must be a bad picture.

Biography | U.S. Congressman Trey GowdyRep. Trey Gowdy headlines Franklin County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner ...Gowdy_0.jpg
No, that's really what they elected. Wow!

He looks like Draco Malfoy grew up and developed a substance abuse problem.

Anyway, I guess the way he looks is kind of the least of his problems. But this guy seriously wants to do another Benghazi investigation? Fuck this guy!

Fuck this guy!

I saw a headline that said the Joe Scarborough had changed his position on the US's continuing unconditional support for  Israel. Like he had finally come to the realization that what we are supporting is just a horrific series of war crimes and maybe we should, I don't know, be opposing that? Maybe?

So I clicked on the article to see for myself.

Joe Scarborough is catching flack for daring to say out loud what a lot of Americans are thinking anyway, namely that the indiscriminate killing of Gazans by Israel has to stop. 

 Well, I'm impressed! I mean, it's not every day that a TV "news" personality gets away with even the tamest criticism of Israel, so this seemed like maybe it could be a sort of turning point, and good on Joe for having the moral courage to. . . oh, wait. . .  never mind.

Israel Loses Joe Scarborough, Calls Gaza Offensive 'Asinine'

Wait, have I been using the word "asinine" wrong this whole time? Does "asinine" mean "horrifically appalling?"

adjective: asinine
1.    extremely stupid or foolish.

That's what i thought | Memes.

“This is asinine,” said the MSNBC host and former Republican congressman. “This continued killing of women and children in a way that appears to be indiscriminate is asinine.”

That can't possibly be the word you're looking for. Asinine? The killing of women and children is "asinine?" Not "evil?" or "reprehensible?" or "malevolent?"
You're going with "asinine?"
You know you're talking about kids being brutally slaughtered, right?

Joe Scarborough: They blew up a popular marketplace yesterday and they blew up a U.N. school where there were 17 warnings — 17. That is indiscriminate. . .  The United States of America — we cannot be associated with this if this continues. This is so bad, not only for the Israeli people, but for us.

Right, because. . . wait, what?!?!?


We should not support the indiscriminate murder of children in Gaza because it is bad for the country doing the killing? And for us? Not bad for the people getting murdered?

“Far from taking an antagonistic approach towards Israel,” he continued, “I am most concerned about Israel’s long-term security. And Israel does not become more secure by increasing attacks that continue to kill women and children.”

He warned, as he did earlier Thursday, that Israel’s response could radicalize Palestinian citizens and mobilize a group more extreme than Hamas.

So, the main concern is for the security of the country who is committing the war crimes? The reason that they should stop killing innocent kids is because there could be blowback?

This is the bold stand that Scarborough is taking? This is what he's "getting flack" for? This is why we're supposed to be impressed with his courage? Fuck this guy!