Monday, October 8, 2018

Bad Ads -- Popeye's

Warning: Swears ahead.

Okay, first of all, this is just not clever. It's not exactly an original idea to have some ambient noise drown out a speaker when he/she uses an expletive.
It's been done.
And it's been done with much more likable, charismatic speakers. (At least once on an episode of Seinfeld).

But putting that aside, Is this really supposed to make me want to try your new sauce? Because every time I hear "____ Sauce," my brain automatically autocompletes it to "shit sauce." I mean, it's a one-syllable expletive, there aren't a lot of good oiptions.

Also it looks like this.

And it's "%@$#" sauce, so I assume that's four letters. So what is the least unappetizing word it could be?

Dick Sauce?

disgusted emma stone GIF

Fuck sauce?

disgusted sarah michelle gellar GIF

C**t Sauce?

disgusted jack sparrow GIF

There's really no good option.
I guess maybe "Hell Sauce" if it's super hot? But you really don't need to censor the word "Hell." Not even on network TV in primetime.

Popeye's has a terrible ad campaign anyway, with the lady who's trying to walk the line of sounding like she could plausibly be from Louisiana without sounding like some kind of stereotype. (Spoiler alert: She can not) But this is a whole new level of dumb.