Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bad Ads -- Metro PCS

How in the hell do they keep trotting these out?

Some ad exec says to another "hey, you know what's hilarious? Indian people!"
And the other says "Oh my God, I know! Those accents! They're hysterical!"
"Oh, and especially when they try to talk like regular people1 Hahahahahah!!!"

How are they not getting complaints about these ads? Is there no one working at Metro PCS who looked at these ads and said, "Whoa. Not cool, guys?" How many layers of management does a campaign like this have to get through before it makes it onto the air? How many execs signed off on this, and nobody said "no, that's horrible?"  Nobody at least said, "hey, Indian people buy phones and there are a lot of them. Maybe let's not piss them all off."

 Why aren't these assholes getting swamped with complaints? Why aren't all their customers cancelling their service? I can only assume that every single Metro PCS customer is a raging bigot. That seems fair.