Saturday, March 5, 2016

Saturd80's - XTC

Technically, I think a couple of these are from the late '70's, and one might be from the early '90's, but whatever.

Why posting has been infrequent lately.

It's getting really hard to do this kind of a blog anymore, now that everything has descended into self-parody. It's hard to come up with sarcastic comments about, for instance, the NRA's Wayne LaPierre railing against "gun-free zones" from the safety of a gun-free zone at CPAC.

Or how could one possibly satirize the GOP harrumphing about Donald Trump's refusal to "refudiate" the Klan?  "A racist? In our Grand old Party? Well, I never!"

Yes, you must absolutely reject bigotry while trying to prevent gay marriage, deporting millions of Hispanics, keeping minorities from voting and coming up with ways to justify every shooting of an unarmed black person. What could I possibly say that would be more absurd than their actual position?

What could anyone write that would be more ridiculous than a Presidential debate devolving into dick jokes?
Although, I'm still trying to figure out Trump's logic on that one. Instead of just saying "look, you can see my hands are normal size," he tries to get all logician on the subject with "well, if my hands were small, then it follows that my penis would necessarily also be small, and I assure you that my penis is not at all small, so ipso facto my hands must not be small either." First of all, I'm pretty sure that the whole hand-size/penis-size thing is a myth. My hands are quite large, and. . . um. . . forget it, it doesn't matter.

So, yeah. It's tough these days for a smart-alecky blogger. But I'll keep trying.