Monday, February 4, 2013

Superbowl Ads

Seems like usually it's the beer companies with the most offensive ads. This year, it was the car companies.

Starting with the VW commercial where whoever gets in the car begins speaking Jamaican patois for some reason. I guess because Jamaicans are perpetually happy people? Smoke a lot of weed? I don't know. I know a couple of guys from Jamaica and they seem to have the full range of normal human emotions, so I really don't get it.

Of course, that's nothing compared to the Audi ad which suggests that the best way to feel better about your loser self is to commit a sexual assault.

Audi will give you the confidence to just take what you want, whether it's parking in the principal's spot, or walking up to a pretty girl uninvited and sticking your tongue down her throat!
Now you're a real man!
No wonder no one wanted to go to prom with this prick!

Jeep's ad may have been even worse, shamelessly exploiting people's emotions over returning soldiers to sell a few shitty vehicles.

And shame on Oprah for being involved with this cynical bullshit.

Speaking of shameless emotional manipulation, Budweiser totally nailed it with this year's Clydesdale ad. I haven't gotten this misty at a piece of video since the end of Shane.
(Yeah, I teared up a little at the end of Shane, so what? Fuck you. I'm still bad-ass.)

Credit where credit is due, Toyota's ad was great. Not only really funny, but good on them for having a bad-ass princess.