Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getting Palinized

Carrie Prejean was on The Today Show this morning where this exchange happened:

VIEIRA: You, you say in the book you've been "Palinized," referencing Sarah Palin. What do you mean by that? "I've been Palinized."

PREJEAN: You know of the attacks Sarah Palin's been under, don't you?

. . . .

PREJEAN: Right, right. And there is a double standard out there. There is an extreme double standard that conservative women are under attack for whatever it is. I mean if Sean Hannity went out there and said some of the things that Keith Olbermann has said about me, you know, if he said anything about Sonia Sotomayor or Michelle Obama, he would be off the air.

Okay, couple of things.

First- yes, it's true that you have been "Palinized" if by that you mean that like Sarah Palin, you have been mocked for being a vacant, asinine ignoramus. Then yes, you've been "Palinized."

Second- the reason Sean Hannity wouldn't say the same things about Sonia Sotomayor or Michelle Obama is that even Sean can tell that neither of these women are stupid. In fact, they are both whip-smart Ivy League grads.

Third- if Hannity did say those things about Justice Sotomayor or Michelle Obama, do you really think he'd be off the air? Do you have any idea for whom Hannity works? You know that the same peice of shit network that employs Hannity allows Glenn Beck to pollute their airwaves with his paranoia and hatred, don't you? Did you see Rupertr Murdoch firing or disciplining Beck when he called the president a racist? No. In fact he just gave an interview wherein he says that Beck was right. (check it out)

Fourth- (I know I said a "couple" but geez) Fourth- the double standard isn't liberal women vs conservative women. The double standard is between smart women and stupid women. You don't here those kind of remarks made about, say, Kay Bailey Hutchison or Condoleeza Rice, do you?

. . . Why is there this double standard? And that's the reason why I wrote this book.

Okay, couple of things. First- the reason for writing the book can not be "why is there this double standard?" The reason can't be a question. You might could say "the reason I wrote this book was to answer the question 'why is there this double standard?'" but that would probably be incorrect, as I can't imagine that you answer this or any other question in the book that "you" "wrote."

Second- The reason you "wrote" the book was to make money without actually having to work. Hey, I get it. I'd do the same thing in your stilettos. If i was underqualified to schlep wings at Hooters and someone offered to write a book and put my name on it and pay me money, hell, I'd jump at it too. But let's don't pretend that you had some deeper, nobler purpose in mind.

Also during the same interview, this happened:

VIEIRA: In the book you write "Our bodies are temples of the lord. We should earn respect and admiration for our hearts, not for showing skin to look sexy."

And what better way to earn admiration for one's heart than to cover it in silicone and strut around stage in a bikini?

Or pose shirtless?
that is one fine-lookin' temple of the Lord ya got goin' on there!

VIEIRA: So now people are seeing this tape, whatever you want to call it- there are people who say they want to call you on the carpet when they feel you're being a hypocrite.
(surprise, there's a sex tape!)

So Viera asks about it, how does Miss Prejean answer the accusations of hypocrisy?

VIEIRA: -and they're saying, "Well she's a hypocrite-

PREJEAN: Yeah, well I model.

Yeah, you tell 'er! Wait, what?

PREJEAN: I'm a model. I was in a beauty pageant. I mean if people want to call me hypocrite, then that, you know that's their, that's their prerogative.

Okay, I would like to exercise my prerogative at this point: Carrie Prejean, YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE!

. . . that's their prerogative. But, you know what? I've learned from my mistakes. No one's perfect. You're not perfect. I'm not perfect. No one's perfect. Everybody makes mistakes and I think it's all about, you know, taking responsibility for their mistakes

No one's perfect? I beg to differ!

And it just so happens that, you know, seven months, it's been seven months since I gave that answer and they have done nothing but attack me and try and silence me and keep me from spreading that message that free speech still exists,

Okay, couple of things.

First- No one is trying to silence you. Unless you count hitting the mute button whenever you appear on TV, then yes, I've been trying to silence you.

Second- I don't think that the message you've been spreading is about free speech and the continued existence thereof so much as it is "Hey! Look at Me! pay attention to me!"

Third- free speech is a two-way street. if you have the freedom to speak out against gay marriage, then Perez Hilton has the right to call you a bitch. You can't act like you're some fucking first amendment hero then complain when other people exercise their freedom of speech.

Fourth- why do you righties always have to play the victim? It's tiresome, it's weak, and it's totally disingenuous. "Oh, the media is against us! Oh, they are trying to silence me! Oh, they would never do this to Sonia Sotomayor!" Check out some of the nasty things that were said about Sonia Sotomayor. seriously, just do a Google search for "Hannity + Sotomayor" or "O'Reilly + Sotomayor." You really think the criticism of you is worse than that? Or hey, Google Hilary Clinton and see how much horrible, slandarous shit has been heaped on her by your pals at FOX. And a lot of other right-wing media dicks. But hey, yeah, it's totally unfair that people have pointed out your blatant hypocrisy and obvious fatuity. The only fair way to treat you is to pretend that you are super smart and have just tons of integrity.

You know what? Why don't you just go away. Go apply at Hooters, maybe they have some sort of training program

For the record, I have never set foot inside a Hooters restaurant, nor do I ever intend to do so. I hope they go out of business tomorrow.

Before And After

I believe the correct caption would read. "I lost 20 lbs in one day by GIVING BIRTH!