Monday, July 7, 2014

Bad Ads - Kia

The formula for this type of ad is usually pretty simple.

The pretty girl likes our product, so you should buy our product because of some reason. I guess maybe the pretty girl will get mixed up about what it is that she likes and will accidentally think she likes you because you are eating/drinking/driving our product?

Anyway, this ad tweaks that formula a bit. For some bizarre reason, they went with "pretty girl likes soccer, so you should buy a car?"

I had to see these ads several times before I even realized they were ads for cars. I thought they were promos for the World Cup, maybe ESPN spots? It can't possibly be an effective ad campaign if I'm confused as to what the ads are for.

I did final;ly figure out that they were car ads, but that didn't really make them much better. Because when I went to YouTube to find the video, I searched for "Hyundai World Cup ad." So, good job, Kia, the one car-related thing your ads made me think of was that Hyundai is the official car sponsor of the World Cup. Money well spent, Kia!